Easy ways to deactivate a Facebook account

Easy ways to deactivate a Facebook account
Easy ways to deactivate a Facebook account

Besides a lot of benefits, social media still have some disadvantages. One of them is causing addiction among users. If you are afraid of being addicted to Facebook after a long time using it and want to deactivate or delete your Facebook account, then check out the article below. 

Why Facebook Actually Sucks 

The world is made up of hordes of millions of brainless zombies making their way through a foggy existence with no real idea of who they are or what they want from this life. A lot of them will get depressed. With no real ambition and only others to compare yourself to, life quickly becomes meaningless. The thing is, comparing yourself to others doesn’t get you very far when it’s based solely on shallow beauty standards and groundless materialism. If there’s one criticism of social media that cannot be ignored, it’s that one.  

Fuelling the flames of feelings of inadequacy, resentment, vanity and egotism, social media could be considered the worst mass cultural shift to occur in our lifetime, and one that will reduce human beings into worthless morons, ripe for the taking by some sentient AI 20 years in the future. And would it even be so unjust?  

On the other hand, it could just be considered somewhere to share photos and argue with stupid people in the comments section. Either way, it’s probably a massive waste of time, and the last time you actually used it to keep in touch with your family was ages ago.  

So, where do you stand? Are you here because you spend too much time yelling at people from behind a screen, or because you can’t help but look at your ex’s Facebook page, or because you’re concerned that you’re becoming a vain arsehole? Well, whatever the reason, if you’re concerned enough to consider deleting it, then you definitely have a problem and you’re actively seeking out the solution.  

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account 

Have you ever realized that no one actually gives a damn about your status updates? And that all those “likes” are the product of a bunch of fleeting attention spans that have forgotten about what they “liked” before you even received the notification?  

Why bother deactivating it? Just take the Goddamned leap, what’s stopping you? A million young Europeans deleted Facebook last year, and while that number is tiny on a global scale, it certainly shows that the trend is starting to wear off. The fastest growing segment of new Facebook accounts is with the middle aged and elderly – your parents and your grandparents, basically. New young users are still coming, of course, as people come of age, they come of Facebook, but it’s slowing. People are increasingly aware that the benefits are largely floored by the downsides.  

So, f*ck it, let’s get rid of Facebook.  

  1. Open Facebook and go to Settings.  
  2. Go to Your Facebook Information. 
  3. Press Delete Your Facebook and Information.  
  4. Click Delete Account. Enter your password, press Continue, press Delete Account. 
  5. Breathe a long sigh of relief as the liberating feeling of paying attention and spending your time wisely washes over you.  
  6. Figure out how to keep in touch with people from now on (Whatsapp?).  

While it feels as good to delete your Facebook as it does to write this article about it, there are a couple of things to consider.  

First, any account that you’ve signed into via Facebook will become deactivated – such as Tinder, Spotify and Pinterest. So make sure you prep for this.  

One more thing, there are probably people that you have no other means of getting in touch with ever again, so, send them a message with your number before you wave goodbye.  

Lastly, people who write statuses announcing their departure from Facebook are f**king assholes – don’t be one of those.  

How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Facebook Account 

Assuming you’re not willing to go full on and delete your account, let’s look at this other option. You can also deactivate your account, which will make it invisible to the rest of Facebook and essentially delete it without actually getting rid of any data. You can reactivate it at any time, and you won’t lose any of your pictures, messages, statuses or the rest of it. The account will be exactly as it was before you deleted it. This is a sound option for those who are simply looking for some breathing space from social media and lack the balls to actually get rid of it. No just kidding, you’re no less of a human being for keeping it.  

The benefits of this method are that the rest of your accounts tied to your Facebook won’t be affected, and if you’re anything like us then you have a whole lot of accounts online that you were too lazy to type your email in to sign up for. So, this is a plus. On top of this, you can simply explore the benefits of living Facebook free for a while and see if it is good for your personally.  

The main downside of this way is that it’s pretty tempting to just reactivate it the first time you find yourself sat on your bed at 11pm in your underwear thinking about your ex. If you’re just wondering how to deactivate Facebook messenger, then simply turn it off on Facebook and delete the app from your phone. For Facebook herself, here’s the process:  

  1. Open Facebook and go to Settings.  
  2. Click on General.  
  3. Go to Manage your account.  
  4. Click on Deactivate your account. Follow the instructions on screen.  
  5. Sigh in relief, read a book, do some gardening, do an online course, and take five days off of work to chill out and reconsider your career and life. Eat a taco.  

Considering What’s Next 

Now it’s time to download Twitter and.. no , just kidding. Honestly, it’s up to you. The best thing to do is make the most of your time, right? So some studying might not be a bad idea. You’ll probably want to download Whatsapp to stay in touch with people. Watch an old movie, they give perspective, for some reason. Whatever you choose to do, keep it to your bloody self this time 😉  

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