Change Snapchat usernames without making a new account.

The Much Simpler Way to Change a Snapchat Username
The Much Simpler Way to Change a Snapchat Username

You find your current Snapchat username not appropriate anymore and desire to choose a better one, but you also don’t want to make a new account. Then, the article below will help you to figure out easy ways to change your Snapchat usernames without deleting the account. 

Changing Your Username on Snapchat 

So, how can you change your username on Snapchat? Fist of all, unless you’re pretty young, you may actually not have had something so terrible as your Snapchat username. The app is still fairly recent, only about eight years old, which is a long time online, but not actually so long in the real world (whatever that is now). Still, we all make terrible usernames and some of us really lack in this field, for example: If your username is something ridiculous that shows zero signs of sobriety like “Jared_loves_Gina” and Gina is no longer around, then you probably want to change this ASAP.  

Unfortunately for you, the actual username you use for Snapchat (the one that other users very rarely see, unless you’ve not followed what I’m about to tell you) is unchangeable. Yes, you’re stuck with that lame Simpsons reference forever. The only way around this is to delete the app and restart. This is only for people who really want to have zero evidence of their poor name choices – perhaps you have a child due and you don’t want your partner to see how bad your are at naming things, perhaps you just can’t take how cringy you are deep inside.  

To delete your Snapchat and reinstall it isn’t a big deal. You can backup your data so that your next account isn’t like the set of a Clint Eastwood film on a Sunday morning. To do this, follow these steps on how to make a new Snapchat and keep your data: 

Changing Snapchat Username: The Desperate Way  

Before moving to delete your account, go on the app and go to Settings and then Memories, then press “Save to…” – from here you can choose “Memories & Camera Roll” or just plain old “Camera Roll.”  

Now you can go through your saved Snaps, press the three dots icon and press “Export Snap” and choose “Camera Roll.” In this way you can save your favorite moments, however innocent or otherwise they are.  

  1.  In the typical “we don’t want you to drunkenly delete our app” way, Snapchat makes deleting it like finding treasure with a map drawn up on loo roll. First, go to on your web browser (not the app).  
  2.  Next , sign in and go to Support underneath the Company section.  
  3. Click on Learning the Basics.  
  4. Click on Account Settings, then select Delete an Account.  
  5. Now you’ll have to enter your username and password.  
  6. Check you’re not a robot and log in. Wouldn’t want any robots getting hold of your account now, would we.  
  7. Select Delete Account. Done.  

Snapchat keeps all deleted user’s data for 30 days, so if you change your mind and reactivate this specific account, you can get all your contacts, chats, and everything else back. If you create a new account, you’ll have to re-add all your friends – this doesn’t take long however, unless you’re really popular…  

The Much Simpler Way to Change a Snapchat Username 

Okay, this way is a little misleading – it doesn’t actually change your username. Rather, it changes your display name, which as you’d imagine, is the name that everyone actually sees on your Snapchat. People will only see your username if they open a chat with you and click the hamburger icon, which most people wouldn’t do.  

If you haven’t set a display name then your username will show up on your account. It’s likely that you set your own name as your display name, as this is what the fields to fill out opt you to do. Your display name, or “Appear As’ name is pretty important if you’re looking to build a solid audience on Snapchat – and if you really want to get big, then it should actually be the same as your username, however, if you’re just an everyday user, then this isn’t important.  

To change your “Appear as” name, wipe down on the Ghost icon on the main camera screen, then tap on your name. You will see a prompt to “Edit Name” and you can edit this as your please. This is the easiest way to change your name on Snapchat, although, it is worth noting that you can only search for people via their username, so if you’re really looking for something convenient – and especially if you’re looking to build a large following – your name and username should be the same so people can easily find and share your stuff.  

Assuming you’re just using Snapchat for the fun of it, then this option is an easy way to change your God awful choice of username from the general public and save face in the process.  

Wrapping Up 

In the wise words of Danny Dyer: “It’s just a name, ain’t it.” Indeed it is Danny, indeed it is. Unless you’re really trying to build a brand for yourself on Snapchat, you shouldn’t be too concerned with your username. However, if you feel it should match your display name, then it may be worth considering option one on our list – delete your account and make a new one, and think about the username before typing it in this time.  

I hope you found this useful and informative. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles from Apk

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